2019 Autumn Pilot

The Climate Jobs Green Your Career Pilot Starts on the 1st October 2019

Are you trying to find a job in a climate related career, but find yourself a little bit stuck? Then join our 2019 Pilot.

We are on a mission to find 50 bright future leaders to join a pilot programme which will last for six weeks.

The programme will include weekly modules to help you search for a Climate Job.

Week oneFinding your “Why” and taking stock of your skills
This introductory week is where you will think about why you want a job in a climate change related field. It will ask you to create a brief introduction and delve deep to understand why this is important to you. You will also be encouraged to take stock of your skills, understand what your current top skills are, where you most easily get “into the zone” and what you might need help to develop in the future.

Week twoGreen Your Network!
This is the pivotal week which will really get you to understand how to get to the right people. It’s all about understanding where you want to work, who you know now and giving you the tools you need to create connections with people you need to know. Our guided worksheet shows you how to make sure you know the right people, and that they know you’re in the market – after all, it’s all about who you know!

Week three – Ethics Scorecard and Identifying the Right Organisation for You
This week is all about equipping you with the tools you need to research organisations you’d like to work with. You will have identified some in week two but do they really measure up? Our handy Ethics Scorecard gives you the criteria you need to rate possible employers, and see whether they are a good match for you.

Week four – Reduce the Stress of Interviews and Wow that Interviewer
Using real life examples from recruiters, we will look at some of the things you should – and shouldn’t – do at interview. This module will show you some of the common mistakes we’ve seen as both recruiters and recruits, and help you to understand how to prepare for an interview.

Week five  – CV Doctor & Applications
This week, members will polish their CVs (Please Note: members are NOT encouraged to post their CVs in the group due to privacy issues. Any CVs uploaded will be deleted).

This week will look at layout, design, what you should include and give you a handy checklist to work on your own CV. We will also provide application and letter/email writing tips.

Week six – Putting it into Practice
Members will apply for jobs! Simple, no?

Longer term – Continued group access
Members will have continued group access where they can share advice, news and encouragement. A new cohort will join at regular intervals throughout the year.

This is a pilot so members will be asked for feedback to improve future rounds of the programme. Founding members will also be able to participate in future rounds at the initial discounted rate of £25. Future rounds will be priced at £49.

The Summer School starts on 1st October 2019, investment £25