Trip to Hackney Central vegan market

I thought I’d try this out today, encouraged by the warm weather, a slight hangover and no real Sunday plans.


  • Lots of nice looking vegan food to try
  • A couple of decent looking craft beer pubs
  • Lots of vintage shops nearby if you’re worried about consumption of new materials
  • Bulk Market (more on that later)


  • I should have brought my own containers and bottle (I got a drink in a coconut but still feel guilty about the air miles)
  • Biodegradable waste is still waste and still takes materials and energy to produce and move around
  • Lots of latex gloves were in use: a win for hygiene if not the planet


Some tasty food but would only revisit to go to Bulk Market which is a great little general store where you can buy packaging free goods, bamboo toothbrushes and so on.

I ate: a lentil burger salad which was a bit dry. Pulses were undercooked but there was a delicious turmeric hummus.

I drank: out of a coconut and worried about the air miles.

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